Company and Services Overview:


The Eldoret Comprehensive Cancer Centre has opened itís doors on the premises of the Eldoret Hospital to patients and referring specialists in August 2016 for oncology consultations,  chemotherapy services and 24-hour in-hospital care when needed. It opened  its comprehensive radiotherapy department, a first in Eldoret and Western Kenya, at the beginning of April 2017 and is fully operational from 1 June 2017. The brand new radiation therapy equipment boasts a new modern dual photon energy linear accelerator from Varian Medical Systems. It has a 120-leaf multileaf collimator and a high resolution electronic portal imager. It is capable of treating patients with a wide range of electrons, 3D conformal external beam radiation and with Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). The department also soon will start to offer high-dose rate brachytherapy with a new and modern afterloader. Additional specialized treatment techniques will be added as required in future. We have employed eight highly qualified and experienced full-time personnel to render high quality treatment and patient-centric services in our facility. We have oncology nurses, oncology pharmacists, medical receptionists, an admin clerk, a medical physicist and radiotherapists on our payroll.

The Equra Health group is a leading provider of radiation therapy services in South Africa, and, through its strategic alliance with Medical Specialist Holdings (MSH), ISIMO Health and the Independent Oncology Network (ICON), is also involved in the managed healthcare sphere. It is a firm believer of aiming to achieve and demonstrate value in healthcare and to achieve better alignment between fundersí, providersí and patientsí needs through alternative reimbursement models. The company also offers oncology-related clinical, administrative, infrastructure, operational and strategic management services to its strategic partners. The company is involved in 28 affiliated comprehensive oncology centres across South Africa and is currently expanding into the wider African market. In Kenya specifically it trades through a company called Equra Health Kenya, which has a local shareholder component.

The Eldoret Comprehensive Cancer Centre is set to provide world class comprehensive cancer care outside Nairobi and we are excited with the prospect of serving your cancer care needs better and closer to your home.


Contact details:

Physical address: 4th Floor New Theatre Building, Eldoret Hospital, Cnr Uganda & Makasemba Roads, Eldoret, Kenya

Tel no. (+254) (0) 70 8911 920